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Personal Coaching

One-On-One interaction keeps the focus on your unique story, your idea, your message. During ten hours of coaching your story will unfold as you build your narrative in a way that resonates, and engages the audience.

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As you begin your storytelling with impact journey, answer these five important questions.

What is the idea, message, or proposition you wish to share?

This is the focus of your talk, it’s why you’re on stage, and it drives your story elements.

Who is the audience for this talk? (it could be more than one)

It may be a TEDx event, technical workshop, keynote speech or company presentation.

Why are you passionate about the idea, message, proposition?

What led you to the point of wanting to share your personal wisdom from the stage.

What benefits will the audience receive from your talk?

This speaks to the value that the audience will ultimately receive from your talk.

What do you want to happen after they hear your talk?

This might be a call to action, or it may expand/challenge a current perception.

“The audience should see the world differently after hearing your talk.”

Ready to make your talk a reality?

There are two basic ways to make that happen? Maybe you have an idea and just want input on its impact, or some advice on how to build a story around it. It that case you can hire me by the hour. That rate is $300/hr.

If you want to craft a talk from start to finish, from idea to narrative and presentation, that’s a 10 hr process (usually a series of 10 1hr sessions) and the cost is $2,500. Contact me with your objectives and we’ll chat.

If you’re local to San Diego we can work face-to-face. If you have lots of money, and want to pay for travel, I’ll come to you. Otherwise, through the magic of Skype and Zoom we’ll conduct all of our sessions digitally.

What will we cover? Glad you asked. It’s a lot, and a lot of fun doing it.

      • Define the essence of your message
      • Explore your passion for this subject
      • Examine why the audience will care
      • Begin by stating the end of your talk
      • Uncover the story blocks of the talk
      • Craft the story’s narrative sequence
      • Ensure the transitions make sense
      • Identify the riveting opening lines
      • Rehearse to create vocal impact
      • Rehearsing for physical impact

p.s. if you’re wondering why this page isn’t a mile long, touting all the benefits that are somehow worth $27k (or more), in an effort to convince you that this is an earth shattering deal… I don’t have time for that nonsense, and neither do you. Truth is, our time (and money) would be better spent on creating a story that can impact lives and change the world! Send me a note, let me know what you’re thinking.