Storytelling with Impact, Your Story Can Change the World

stô-rē-tel-ing – noun or adjective
The social activity of sharing personal stories

im’pakt – noun or verb
Having a direct and strong effect on someone

“The true power of storytelling lies in the fact that your story can become part of someone else’s story.”

Storytelling with Impact is on Clubhouse

That’s right, Storytelling with Impact has been hosting rooms on Clubhouse. Well, that’s not completely accurate. Mark Lovett (that’s me) joined Clubhouse and then created a club called Storytelling with Impact. So what are we up to?

Each week the club opens rooms on a variety of storytelling topics and invites people in the audience to come up to the stage and tell their story. It’s a chance to practice your craft. Some of the prompts we have used to spark conversation:

  • Taking a leap of faith
  • Life changing events
  • Tell us your origin story
  • Achieving the impossible
  • How to make stories impactful

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Mark Lovett is Storytelling with Impact

From the moment we’re born, storytelling becomes a fundamental aspect of our humanity, as we learn about our strange new environment by listening to stories told by family and friends. Story allows us to make sense of the world, and once we begin speaking ourselves, we quickly become consummate storytellers.

Once we begin school, however, the emphasis shifts away from listening and speaking toward reading and writing, which is why few adults have ever received any instruction on storytelling and public speaking. The good news is that, like any skill, it is never to late to learn. I’ve helped hundreds of people (educators, scientists, business leaders & creatives) craft impactful stories.

“Storytelling is the most fundamental way to understand and express our humanity. “

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Whether it’s a personal story, corporate messaging, activist mission, or a brilliant insight, story matters.

and the world needs to hear your story

And just so you know, personal information is never shared.

Personal Stories

Do you have an experience to share, a lesson you’ve learned along the way, a new idea that changes the status quo? Can your story can enlighten, inspire, even change people’s perceptions?

Mission Stories

Do you work for a nonprofit that is addressing an important issue such as hunger, poverty, social justice, equality or climate change? How do you provide the public with a better understanding?

Company Stories

Where does your passion for running a business come from, what’s your origin story, and how are you improving lives with your products & services, making this world a better place to live?

What people say about working with me

There are few people who can reach into your soul and help you find your story . Mark is one of those amazing coaches. His coaching style is filled with passion and knowledge, the perfect blend needed to help you discover the best version of yourself.

Navrina SinghDirector Business Development, Artificial Intelligence, Microsoft

Mark is an incredibly talented speaker coach. Not only does he serve as an invaluable thought partner in the process of crafting a story, he is an expert in helping speakers transform stories into experiences that are shared with an audience. Together we crafted an engaging keynote talk.

Alex PascalCEO, CoachLogix

Mark understood my message intuitively from the start but could zoom out and help me share it in a way that others could ‘get it’ too. He’s got this gift for seeing the universal nuggets of insight or delight that we can use to tell our story.

Rachel ChristensenAssistant Director, Center for Peace and Commerce, University of San Diego

Imagine if you could get Tiger Woods’ coach to help you be a better golfer, or you could get Michael Phelps’ coach to make you a better swimmer. Mark Lovett helped make my talk more compelling and emotionally engaging with the audience. I can’t recommend him enough.

John LivesayKeynote Speaker, Author, Podcast Host of The Successful Pitch

Mark Lovett’s speaker coaching was one of my most transformative and life changing experiences. He helped me to find my voice, connect to an audience, and craft a message that went beyond my wildest expectations and prepared me for the TEDx stage.

Regina BernalEntrepreneurship Manager, University of San Diego

Mark is such an experienced professional that he can listen to you speak for 5 minutes, then tell you exactly where you are strong and what you need to work on to get better. That’s an amazing skill, and it gets even more amazing when you see how he finds a caring and gentle way to encourage you to change authentically. He’s at the top of his game in the field of speaker coaching and storytelling.

Dr. Axel MeierhoeferCEO AMC Consulting

Mark is an exceptional storytelling mentor. He helped me craft a powerful TEDx talk on a sensitive topic. I came to him confused at how to tell my story and he guided me into something that had the audience both laughing and in tears. I am grateful to Mark for helping turn my story, and a message dear to my heart, into something that had great impact.

Kirsten JohnsonFounder & CEO, Richer Experiences

Mark is gifted with an almost magical ability to help people find the most authentic threads in their story, then craft them into a precious gem of art. Mark’s support, from creating my talk until the moment I stepped onto the TEDx stage, was truly invaluable!

Jennifer MyersCo-founder & Director of Programs, R.I.S.E. to Empower

The most impactful story is an individual story, and a universal story.

Storytelling with Impact is independently operated, and is not affiliated with the TED organization.