Where You’ll Find Me

While I spend most of my time privately coaching speakers (both in person and virtually) you can also find me on stage speaking about the magic of storytelling or leading workshops for companies, foundations, and universities, as well as appearing on a variety of podcasts.

Don’t hesitate to contact me for a discussion of your storytelling needs.

The Honor Foundation
Opt Out LIfe Podcast
Prison Letters Podcast
Quit Happens Podcast
Boost Conference
Mandela Washington Fellowship Program
UC San Diego Extension
San Diego Diplomacy Council Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative
The Successful Pitch Podcast
Hacking the Red Circle Podcast
Tech Minority Report Podcast
University Club San Diego
Startup San Diego
Junior League of San Diego
Accelerated Growth Club San Diego
Be The Talk Podcast
SDX Interactive Day San Diego
Mirum Opus Conference San Diego
Universidade Católica Portuguesa
Stegela Success Mastery
University of San Diego
Universidad Autónoma de Baja California
TEDxCuauhtémoc is an annual TEDx event that is held in Mexico City, Mexico.

The Danger of Personal Borders with Ariosto Manrique

TEDxNewBedford is an annual TEDx event that is held in New Bedford, Massachusetts.

Will Happiness Ultimately Destroy Our Planet?

TEDxTijuana is an annual TEDx event that is held in Tijuana, Mexico.

The Magic of Storytelling Lies in Storylistening