TEDx & TED Events I’ve Attended

After attending my first TEDx event – TEDxSanDiego in 2010 – I knew it wouldn’t be my last, and in the decade following, I had the pleasure of seeing hundreds of speakers take the stage and share their experiences, insights, and ideas on how to make the world a better place.

There’s much that we can learn about personal storytelling from reading books or watching videos online, but it’s not the same as the experience of sitting in the theatre, immersed in the energy of all the other attendees; hearing the laughter and applause, and on occasion, seeing their tears. It’s only through direct human connection that you truly learn about storytelling.


TEDxCuauhtémoc is an annual TEDx event that is held in Mexico City, Mexico.

TEDxNewBedford is an annual TEDx event that is held in New Bedford, Massachusetts.

TEDxTijuana is an annual TEDx event that is held in Tijuana, Mexico.

TEDxBerkeley in Berkeley California

TEDxJacksonville in Jacksonville Florida

TEDxEncinitas in Encinitas California

TEDxSanDiego in San Diego California

TEDxWilmington in Wilmington Delaware

TEDxPCC in Pasadena California

TEDxSDSU in San Diego California


TEDxDonovanCorrectional in San Diego California

TEDxMarionCorrectional in Marion Ohio

TEDxSkidRow in Los Angeles California

TEDxPasadena in Pasadena California

TEDActive in Palm Springs California and Whistler British Columbia

TEDSummit in Banff Alberta and Edinburgh Scotland

TEDxAmericasFinestCity in San Diego California

TEDxHousesofParliament in London England

TEDxManhattanBeach in Manhattan Beach California

TEDxMonumento258 in San Diego California and Tijuana Baja California Mexico


TEDxSolanaBeach in Solana Beach California

TEDxSantaBarbara in Santa Barbara California

TEDxUCSB in Santa Barbara California

TEDxUCSD in San Diego California

TEDxULisboa in Lisboa Portugal

TEDxTuscon in Tucson Arizona

TEDxLAMiracleMile in Los Angeles California

TEDTalksLiveNewYork in New York City New York

TEDxSDMesaCollege in San Diego California

TEDxYouth@SanDiego in San Diego California


TEDxChulaVista in Chula Vista California

TEDBerlinSalon in Berlin Germany

TEDxEchoPark in Echo Park Los Angeles California

TEDxMalibu in Malibu California

TEDxSoMa in San Francisco California

TEDxLA in Los Angeles California

TEDxKids@ElCajon in El Cajon California

TEDxVeniceBeach in Venice Beach California

TEDxTemecula in Temecula California

TEDxMileHigh in Denver Colorado

Another benefit of being at a TEDx event is the opportunity to interact with others who have just heard the same talk. What did they like, or not like, did the topic resonate with them, or touch them emotionally, did it cause them to think differently, or change their perspective?

If telling a personal story is your aim, I encourage you to seek out a TEDx event nearby and experience the art of live storytelling. Pay close attention to their words, as they are the most important aspect of any talk, but also their pacing, vocal variation and body movements. You will surely see your style of storytelling change, even subtly, when you study how others do it.